How To Choose The Best Cabinetry

How To Choose The Best Cabinetry

Whether you’re designing a custom home, remodeling an existing home, or doing a full overhaul of a fixer-upper, cabinetry will come into play at some point in the process. From the kitchen to bathroom to laundry room, cabinets can play an important role in designing functional yet attractive living spaces. And while the sky’s the limit on cabinet design, there are a few key points to consider when making your selection.

Consider Budget

Come up with a number you’re willing with work with. Research the cost for projects similar to the room you’re working on. You want to make sure you’re getting a good price, quality, and ultimately, value.

Consider Material & Color

When choosing your material, you’ll want to consider grain, color and characteristics. First, you should look at how dent-resistant a material is, especially for kitchen cabinets. Looking at the most durable of materials will likely provide the best value. Consider wood grain if you choose a wood cabinet and think about how the overall finished product will look in your home. When choosing color, decide on a color that fits well with the rest of your décor and the rest of the room. Your choice of cabinets can help you make a bold statement in your home.

Maximize Space

Determine the best way to make use of your room’s space when choosing cabinetry. Especially if you’re remodeling a room, there may be ways to fit more cabinets into the existing space, which will create more storage space. Consider whether you prefer more drawers or doored cabinets and work with your designer to come up with a workable number for each.

Organizational Features

Consider possible additions to your cabinetry such as built-in dividers, drawers within lower cabinets, a spice rack or a Lazy Susan. Additions tucked inside cabinetry can provide attractive ways to introduce more storage. Think about what purpose each cabinet will serve, whether it’s an oversized drawer for baking sheets or pots and pans or a cabinet for trash and recycling.


Once a final decision has been made on cabinet design, installation and hardware will be your next consideration. Determine whether your cabinetry shop will take care of installation, in addition to building the cabinets. Work with your designer to pick out hardware that will be durable and will suit your needs. Choose your best options for pulls, knobs or latches and select an attractive option to match the overall design.