Before you can start enjoying the RV lifestyle, it’s best to figure out what type of recreational vehicle will best fit your needs. RV’s come in many different shapes and sizes, and one size definitely does not fit all. There are lots of great options out there, depending on where you’re planning to go, the duration of your adventure, and how many people will be along for the ride.

Different RVs For Different Needs

First, your tow vehicle will help you determine the type of RV that best fits your needs. If you own an SUV, a travel trailer will be your best choice. If you own a pickup truck, fifth wheel trailers are also an option. It’s fun to compare the features of both types and to find the right unit for your adventures.

Next, decide what kind of camping you want to do. Are you going to be visiting campgrounds or RV parks? Are you going to park your RV by the lake or find an RV park with all the hookups? Either way, your local RV dealer will help you find the best fit for you and your family.

Where It Will Be Used

It’s important to think about where you will be using the RV. Most campsites aren’t designed for big rigs, so if you want to stay in state parks or national parks, look for a vehicle that is 35 feet long or less. RV parks don’t have the same limitations and you’ll be able to hook it up to water, sewer and electrical systems. If you’re planning to go off road, be sure you buy something with plenty of ground clearance.

Frequency Of Use

Some folks like to load up their RV for the summer and hit the open road. Others like to take it down the road a few miles and park it for a night or weekend. If you’re an extended-stay type of camper, you will want a vehicle that can meet your day-to-day living needs. For those who prefer to camp on private land or BLM land, you’ll need larger holding tanks and generator or solar capabilities.

Number Of Occupants

A retired couple buying an RV will have different considerations than a family with young children. Everyone traveling with you will need a place to sleep and the kids will need room to roam. If that sounds like you, you may want an RV with bunk beds to save space. Pets are also a consideration. What you will need to keep a big dog happy is different than what a lap dog will need.

Remain Budget-Conscious

Everyone hates to talk about budgets, but you don’t want to get in over your head. Buying an RV is a major investment, so it’s important to be practical when making a decision. RVs are not cheap, so you should be prepared to spend considerably more than you would on an everyday car or truck. Decide on your budget before you begin shopping so you don’t end up with something you can’t afford long-term. Go see your local RV dealer and have them help you find the best RV that fits your style and budget. Then start making plans to explore all that our Great Northwest has to offer.